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Step into the world of extreme sports and camaraderie through the lens of Quentin Streum’s captivating web series. TRIP – The Thrilling Web Series by Quentin Streum is an exhilarating journey of outdoor escapades and heartwarming connections, TRIP delivers a blend of adrenaline-pumping action and insightful glimpses into the lives of Freebord enthusiasts. Join Quentin and his crew as they explore new terrains, inspire newcomers, and celebrate the vibrant Freebord community.

Episode 1: Carving in the Limelight

In the first episode, Quentin takes the stage in Gap, carving his way in front of an audience of 5000 people. Amidst the cheers and applause, he showcases the artistry and precision that define Freebording. This high-octane opening sets the tone for a series that’s as much about pushing the boundaries as it is about inspiring others.

Episode 2: Fostering New Talent

In the second episode, our Pro riders Quentin and Adrien’s heart for community shines as they helped 10 newcomers embark on their Freebord journey in Lyon. Guiding them through the basics and witnessing their progress, they exemplify the spirit of mentorship that defines the Freebord community – a group that thrives on shared passion and mutual support.

Episode 3: Unforgettable Training Camp

Episode 3 takes us to a one-week training camp in Switzerland, where Quentin & Adrien hones the skills of French talents. Against the backdrop of breathtaking Swiss landscapes, the riders immerse themselves in intensive training, carving up hills and perfecting techniques. This episode is a testament to the dedication and growth that come from pushing oneself to the limits.

Episode 4: The Essence of Inspiration

In an unforgettable encounter, Quentin rides alongside Claude, an 80-year-old Freeborder in Lausanne. Claude’s zest for life and unwavering passion for the sport serves as a powerful reminder that Freebording transcends age and barriers. The interview with Claude offers viewers a glimpse into the wisdom and inspiration that can be found within the Freebord community.

Episode 5: Showcasing the famous Rems Invit

The latest episode takes us to the Rems Invit in Arbin, where style takes center stage. Quentin immerses himself in the action, capturing the intense competition of the style wars – a challenge to determine the most stylish rider of the show. As Freebord enthusiasts from across Europe gather, the event becomes a celebration of style, skill, and the deep connections forged through the sport.

An Ongoing Adventure: TRIP Continues

TRIP isn’t just a web series; it’s a journey of passion, friendship, and adventure. As Quentin and his crew continue to explore new horizons, the series promises more heart-pounding moments, inspiring stories, and celebrations of the Freebord community. With each episode, TRIP invites viewers to join the ride and experience the thrill of carving down hills, building connections, and embracing the Freebord lifestyle.

A Tapestry of Connection and Passion

TRIP weaves together a tapestry of connection, passion, and the unwavering spirit of Freebording. Through the lens of Quentin Streum’s camera, viewers are transported to the heart of the action, where adrenaline meets friendship and where the pursuit of extreme sports becomes a catalyst for unforgettable experiences. With each episode, TRIP reminds us that the journey is best shared and that every carve is a step toward the extraordinary.

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