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Rookie of the year
Sacha Grover (EasyRiders)

Sacha Grover, also known as EasyRiders, emerges as the Rookie of the Year 2023, showcasing phenomenal progress and a promising future. His dedication and skill development over the year have positioned him as a leader in the next generation of Freeborders.


Sacha Grover 79.3
Sophian Ben 78.6
Julien Moulet 70.7

Best short content
Adnane Chiboub

Adnane Chiboub takes home the Best Short Content award with his captivating video that embodies the true essence of Freebording. Bringing riders from around the world to the scenic landscapes of Morocco, Adnane’s video is a testament to the global unity fostered by Freebording.


Adnane Chiboub 63.6
Quentin Streum 63.1
Dino Elliot 59.5

Best Community Event

Jonas secures the Best Community Event award, contributing to the vibrancy of the German Freebord community. Bingen, the flagship event in Germany, reflects Jonas’ dedication to strengthening the community and creating unforgettable experiences for riders.


Bingen 17.5
Rems Invit 14.5
Mohammedia 11

Rider of the Year
Quentin Streum

Quentin Streum clinches the prestigious Rider of the Year title, a testament to his exceptional skills showcased throughout the season. His latest video part, “Ikigai,” captivated the jury with its creativity, complete ride, technique, and style. Quentin stands out as a true ambassador of Freebording excellence.


Quentin Streum 95.3
Loic Garel 82.8
Adrien Mainand 72.1

Rookie of the year Nominees

Sophian is already a great freebord rider. He has a clear identity, made of fast riding, precise touch, and solid spins. He is a complete rider from France, and we’re happy to give him this nomination for the Rookie Award.
Alice has a strong submission. She’s fast, and already have her style. Her ride is smooth & visually appealing, showcasing a distinctive approach. We hope, she’ll keep up the fantastic work!
What to say? You might know Sacha from his outstanding youtube channel in which he’s talking about freebord topics. Sacha demonstrated in his submission that a Freebord can conquer any terrain. His freestyle riding is already very solid. That’s well deserved!
The flying greek made it again! That dude is strong and fast. Our jury got impressed by his bombing mode. Congratulation for making it to the Top 5 nominees.
Julien is a sender, and the team of jury liked that. He’s fearless approach embodies the true spirit of Freebording. Congrats for being part of the Rookie nominees!
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Best Short Content Nominees

Quentin’s short content takes us on a nostalgic journey, reflecting on the evolution of Freebording. The carefully curated shots, combined with storytelling finesse, create a visual narrative that resonates with both seasoned Freeborders and newcomers.
Dino’s short content is a visual delight, portraying the beauty of Freebording in the stunning landscapes of Greece. His keen eye for composition and timing has elevated Freebord cinematography to an art form.
Adnane’s shots tell a captivating story of Freebording in Morocco. The vibrant culture and picturesque locations provide the backdrop for some truly awe-inspiring shots. Each frame captures the spirit of adventure and camaraderie.
Loic’s shots are a testament to his exceptional riding skills and cinematographic flair. From jaw-dropping action shots to creatively edited sequences, his content showcases Freebording as an exhilarating and visually stunning sport.
Sacha’s short content breaks barriers, he’s sharing his freebord journey that has been incredible until now. A great show that Freebording is all about riding, making friends, travel… His shots capture the dynamic and freestyle nature of Freebording, inspiring viewers to see the world as their playground.
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Best Community Event Nominees

An annual extravaganza, the Bingen event in Germany stands as a testament to the vibrant German Freebord community. Organized with meticulous detail, this event attracts riders from all levels, creating an immersive experience that fosters community spirit and showcases the best of German Freebording.
Led by the legendary rider Rems, this event has become a tradition, drawing old-school riders and enthusiasts alike. With around 40 participants, Rems Invitational offers not only challenging hills but also a lively party at the local brewery Faye, creating an unforgettable blend of competition and camaraderie.
Held in the USA, the Wasatch Invitational has emerged as one of the largest Freebord events in the country. Organized by the dynamic trio of Jordan Steiner, Caleb Casey, and Eddie Wait, this event not only attracts a massive turnout but also promises a blast with great hills, fostering the growth of the Freebord community in the USA.
Poland reclaims its prominence in the Freebord community, thanks to Marcin Kusterka and the Rzeczka event. Serving as a flagship gathering for Polish riders, this event is a delightful mix of fun and camaraderie, creating lasting memories for all participants and reinforcing the strong presence of Freebord in Poland.
Initiated by the Rookie of the Year 2022, Adnane Chiboub, the Morocco Event marked its debut in 2023. Adnane’s passion for Freebording and his role as a guide brought riders from around the world to explore the thrilling hills of Morocco. Beyond Freebording, the event embraced local experiences, including surfing and savoring the rich culinary delights of the region.
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Rider of the Year Nominees

Loic Garel, a name synonymous with daring tricks and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on a Freebord. This season, Loic showed jaw-dropping performances in skateparks. His ability to land insane tricks showcases not only his skills but also his commitment to evolving the sport.
Adrien Mainand, the force behind the Freebord School in Anzère, has been a powerhouse this season. His fearless approach and undeniable riding skills have garnered attention, not just locally but on a global scale. Adrien’s dedication to promoting Freebording is evident in every ride and every session he leads.
Quentin Streum, a name that resonates with complete riding, crazy freestyle tricks, and unwavering dedication to the Freebord community. Quentin’s riding style is a testament to his creativity, and his impact extends beyond the board, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible both on and off the hill.
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The Jury

Caleb Casey is a name synonymous with freestyle brilliance. Known for his daring backflips and an innate ability to excel in both Freebording and snowboarding, he brings a wealth of expertise to the judging panel. His keen eye for style and innovation will undoubtedly shape the destiny of the awards.

Roberto Lopez is a legend who left an indelible mark on Freebording by pushing it into the skateparks. His famous video, “How to Kill the Monkey,” showcased world-first tricks that inspired a generation. Roberto’s judging acumen is founded on a deep understanding of progression and style.

Bently Anderson is a creative force behind the lens. His knack for capturing the craziest Freebording moments and coaching aspiring riders sets him apart. As a judge, Bently will bring a filmmaker’s perspective to the submissions, evaluating not only the riding but also its visual storytelling.

Bob Glashan’s journey in Freebording began in his youth, and he quickly became a big sender. His fearless approach and street spot exploration inspired countless riders to take their skills to the city streets. As a judge, Bob will recognize the riders who embrace urban creativity.

Chloé Debluze is a legend in speed and adrenaline. Known for her fearless descents and the iconic megaramp she conquered in 2011, she brings a unique perspective to the panel. Chloé’s judging criteria will surely reflect her passion for fast and daring rides.

Corey Lucero’s mastery of style, steeze, and overslides sets him apart. As a judge, he will pay special attention to the riders who infuse their rides with a touch of artistry and a flair for the dramatic.

Jon Ehm, a member of the famous CHoE crew, has been a central figure in the Freebord community. He also led the Freebord pro shop in France, making him a trusted voice in the sport. Jon will bring his extensive knowledge to bear as a judge.

Justin Oliver was once a top rider in the world, particularly when it comes to hitting sidewalks of the USA. Then he transitioned into filmmaking for the brand, capturing the essence of Freebording. As a judge, his unique perspective will be instrumental in evaluating both the riding and the storytelling behind the submissions.

Mike Hoppe is a legend who transcends generations. Renowned for his impeccable style and fearless speed, he’s a face of Freebord. Mike’s presence on the jury adds a touch of gravitas to the awards. Every downhill lovers will love his style, and we recommend you to watch this part from Paved for us.

Rems Vrag is known for hosting one of the best Freebord events since 2008. He will always bring you to the best places to ride. Go watch Better Call Rems! His passion for the sport and expertise in organizing events make him a valuable addition to the judging panel.

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Rookie of the year


Adnane Chiboub 77.1
Jordan Steiner 68.8
Aristotelis Zoidis 65.4

Best submitted video


Jeff Heitz 66.3
Alexandre Pallastrelli 62.1
Quentin Streum 54.1

Clip of the year


Jordi Puig 93.8
Quentin Streum 87.7
Loic Garel 85.9

Rookie of the year FINALISTS

Clip of the year FINALISTS