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Professional Team Rider

Quentin Streum

Year of birth

Valence, France

Rider of the Year 2017

Riding set-up
Trucks pretty tight, 6mm hanger riser pad, maximum rocker. maximum rocker.



Freebord 5

DaBlues & Boros

Hanger 5 Riser Pads 6mm

TSG Evolution Solid - black

BORD since Hoodie - Black


How long have you been riding?

“I have been freeboarding for 13 years. I’m 27, I’ve spent half my life practising this sport!”

How did you get started?

“I started Freebord when I was 15. Thibaut Eychene showed me a video on Zapiks. Then we bought one with two other good friends of mine, Valentin Gouriou and Hugo Granville.”

Describe your ideal road trip?

“Several ingredients are necessary for a perfect trip, you have to choose a dream area/destination. Personally, I love going on trips to the Southern Alps (France). The Col d’Izoard is an incredible place.

Then you need good video equipment to immortalize the journey, and of course great friends ready to send it on the hills. You also need beer, a few beers for the after rides, and the de-rushes. I think that’s the main thing.”

Choose 4 riders for an epic session who would it be?

“4 is not much! If I could, I would have invited DRC, Daniel Vega, Pierro, Richie Verost, Sam Trowbridge, Nico Gaillard and Ben Berger! But hey, I only have 4 people to invite aha, so I’ll give you the “crème de la crème” as we say in French. To begin, I propose to Corey Lucero to join us. As a 13-year-old child, I was inspired a lot by his style and his way of riding a freebord. He really has his downhill style and good freestyle tricks. Then I think I will also select Bob Glashan. He is obviously a legend for all street riders. If you have never seen his “team” videos part from 2009, you should go take some notes:

watch video

Then, I will choose Jordi Puig obviously! What can I say, he is the one who brought freebording to a whole new level, he won everything for years, and I was obviously inspired by him a lot. Finally, Loic Garel of course. What can I say as well… It’s always a pleasure to ride with him and see him destroying spots. He is the most complete rider today, for me he will continue to evolve, but he is already in the top list of all time!”

Favorite place to ride in the whole world?

“San Francisco. No debate possible. It is by going down that you really understand how a freebord is supposed to work, and why it exists.”

What’s the most effort you’ve given to filming a clip?

“I think that’s a frontside 360 over 8 stairs near Pallas place in Paris. It was the first time I had taken on such a big gap for a frontside 360. I had eaten a burger a few minutes before. But I threw myself several times. I was falling again and again… About ten tries before I succeeded. I fell so badly that I almost threw up the burger I had just eaten hahaha.”

What’s your favorite clip of all time?

“I think it’s Caleb Casey’s backflip at the 7th Lausanne Slopestyle. In fact, this clip sums up the world of freebording well. Everyone was cheering him on, he landed this banger and everyone was happy. It also symbolises the state of mind of this event.”

What’s your favorite video of all time?

“Elements by CHoE ! Arnaud Blin did a crazy job for Freebord in term of video and marketing. This video made me dream about freebording. The music is nice, the filming is perfect and the editing is sending a vibe for sure. “

watch video

Who was your favorite rider as a grom?

“Corey Lucero”

What advice do you have for the groms?

“Have fun and travel with your freebord friends. Take what this little world has to offer!”

How do you integrate freebording into your life?

“It is central, at the end of my studies I made all my life choices by placing freebord at the center. Today, I am part of Freebord Europe, I am Pro Rider and I have set up a side business in digital marketing. I target companies in the outdoor sector a lot. Since I am an entrepreneur, I organise my time to go riding, go on a trip while practising a job that allows me to be a digital nomad. For example, last year I worked a bit from my computer from the Austrian freebord Europe event ! “

Favorite wheel?

Brass monkeys! Lighter for freestyle, as qualitative as the DaBlues in downhill and they allow more rocker!”

Safety tip?

“The helmet is obvious, the back protector I also recommend!

Then, for the downhill spots, the very basic safety tip is obviously to keep your right (in France), keep your left in the UK ahaha… Then, I would say that it’s always good to stay together in case someone is injured, and possibly having a car in front or behind you to protect you. To be adapted according to the spot.”