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Professional Team Rider

Jonay Jorge Grosso

Year of birth

Tenerife, Canary Islands

Rookie of the Year 2014

Riding set-up
Trucks pretty loose, big rocker.



Freebord 5

DaBlues & Boros

Hanger 5 Riser Pads 6mm

TSG Evolution Solid - black

CHoE Logo T-Shirt – black


How long have you been riding?

“2023 is my 16th year of freebording! wow!”

How did you get started?

“I was surfing on extreme sports websites and I have seen I remember a Justin Oliver video, which left me totally impressed. One week later I bought my first Freebord, an 80cm Corporates deck with alpha trucks. I did not expect that it would take me to this place in my life, I have no regrets!”

Describe your ideal road trip?

“Some good friends in a car with cameras, drones and beers, exploring the mountains and freebording every nice road they find!”

Choose 4 riders for an epic session who would it be?

“Jordi Puig for his ability to ride everything, Quentin Mestre for his technical riding skills, Bently Anderson for his style and Freebord spirit.”

Favorite place to ride in the whole world?

“Switzerland ! One of the reasons I decided to come live here!”

What’s the most effort you’ve given to filming a clip?

“It was for the 2018 BSV contest when i did the “Dr O” video ! 3 days with 3 cameramen of filming base jumping and freebording and riding in several locations ! That was really challenging but I am still very proud of the result!”

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What’s your favorite clip of all time?

“Hard to say ! I’ll choose “Lombard S.””

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What’s your favorite video of all time?

“Virtual Invasion from Manon Gicquel (F)”

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Who was your favourite rider as a grom?

“Arnaud Blin ! He was the guys to ride with ! It was very hard to reach at that time. Just like today in fact!”

What advice do you have for the groms?

“Watch videos, go outside, ride every week, meet riders, wear protections, ride all types of spots ! REPEAT ! Freebording is such a great lifestyle ! Join us !”

How do you integrate freebording into your life?

“This is totally part of my life. For fun or for sport. Freebord also took me in places i d never have been otherwise, just because i was looking for new roads to ride ! I try to ride everywhere I go on this earth and film everything to show more and more that it is possible to snowboard the streets! The years go by and I never get tired of it!”

Favorite wheel?

Dablues for their durability, versatility and their incredible glide.”

Safety tip?

“Always wear a helmet, back protector and gloves.”