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Professional Team Rider


Year of birth

Barcelona, Spain


Rider of the year 2013

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Riding set-up
Trucks really loose, big rocker.



Freebord 5

DaBlues & Boros

Hanger 5 Riser Pads 6mm

TSG Evolution Solid - black

CHoE Kill That T-Shirt – bluelight


How long have you been riding?

“Since 2008”

How did you get started?

“My cousin Albert, who taught me how to snowboard, told me about Freebord, and then I started watching videos from Roberto Lopez and getting stoked! Then my parents gave me my first board for my birthday. Until then, I’ve been riding as much as I can!”

Describe your ideal road trip?

“Any trip including beers and freestyle spots.”

Choose 4 riders for an epic session who would it be?

“I feel like the Cool Kids should travel to SF… then we could meet the folks there and have a sesh with Quentin, Loic, Bently and Hoppe? Maybe.”

Favorite place to ride in the whole world?

“The Canary Islands.”

What’s the most effort you’ve given to filming a clip?

“One time I spent 60ish tries to get one little street line. It was pretty sick, but actually not mind blowing.”

What’s your favourite clip of all time?

“Search “Roberto Lopez Sick Palabra Pero” in Youtube. The last trick of the video.”

What’s your favorite video of all time?

“Bob Glashan Team submission”

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Who was your favorite rider as a grom?

“Hard to say, but I’d like you to remember what Nico Gaillard was doing.”

What advice do you have for the groms?

“Don’t get hurt for an Insta post. Do it for fun.”

How do you integrate freebording into your life?

“I always carry my board, helmet, tools, wax… in the trunk. If I need more room in the car, I get rid of other stuff no matter how important it is supposed to be.”

Favorite wheel?


Safety tip?

“Don’t fall”