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Top 3 Freebord Videos of the Week

Every week, the Freeboard community delivers breathtaking videos that showcase the adrenaline-fueled excitement and skillful maneuvers of riders around the world. This week, we’ve curated three outstanding videos that will leave you on the edge of your seat and itching to hit the slopes. Let’s dive in! Freebord Europe: Riding the Hills of Tenerife Join […]

Chloé’s Winter Invit: A Fusion of Snowboarding and Freeboarding

It’s time to blend the thrill of snowboarding with the adrenaline rush of Freeboarding on the same runs! From March 10th to March 15th, participants are invited to conquer mountains reaching nearly 3000 meters and seamlessly transition to the roads, ending at 1000 meters in the valley. Event Details Location: French Alps Dates: March 10th […]

From Freebord to Snowboard: Easy Riders Takes on the Slopes!

Introduction Last week, Quentin & Adrien from the Freebord Europe team embarked on an exciting adventure with Easy Riders, also known as Sacha, who recently won the Rookie of the Year award. Sacha wanted to demonstrate the transferable skills between freeboarding and snowboarding, showcasing how mastering one can seamlessly translate to the other. The Journey […]

Women who freeboard.

Women have been an integral part of the freebord scene since its inception. In society’s beliefs, only men are perceived as risk-takers, resulting in women being underrepresented in extreme sports, including the freeboard community. This trend is mirrored in other sports, where the majority of surfers are men and fewer than one in seven skydivers […]

The Unique Thrill of Freeboarding in cities

Are you tired of the same old routine when it comes to skateboarding or snowboarding? Do you crave excitement and new challenges right in the heart of the urban landscape? Look no further than Freeboarding – the ultimate fusion of skateboarding and snowboarding that unlocks a world of endless possibilities right in your city streets. […]

YouTubers who explored Freebord

Introduction: In the realm of extreme sports, the Freebord has piqued the interest of various YouTubers, leading to thrilling encounters and unforgettable experiences. Let’s delve into the journeys of four prominent YouTube personalities who dared to venture into the world of Freeboarding. Kilian Larher – Pro Scooter Rider, tried the freebord with Quentin Streum Known […]

Haight Privilege: Limited stock Alert

At Freebord Europe, we’re thrilled to give you the opportunity to ride the famous haight privilege that you probably already know. Historically, this has been an exciting collaboration with former team rider Bently Anderson with his brand: Entitlement Urethane. Bently has always been a key player pushing the boundaries between Freeboarding and longboarding. This innovative […]

Breaking the Chains of Digital Loneliness: Freebording as a Gateway to Connection

In the era of smartphones and constant connectivity, today’s younger generations find themselves immersed in a digital world, ironically experiencing a sense of loneliness and disconnection. This phenomenon stands in stark contrast to the ’90s kids who navigated life without the constant companion of a phone. In this blog post, we explore the impact of […]

Beyond The Hills: A Freebord Adventure in Morocco

Introduction: Embark on a mesmerizing journey with “Beyond The Hills,” a groundbreaking freebord documentary capturing the adrenaline-pumping odyssey of Quentin and the crew through the captivating landscapes of Morocco. This cinematic escapade showcases the raw passion for freeboarding and the uncharted territories explored by Adnane & the crew. Chapter 1: The Araboard and Adnane Chiboub […]

Extend Your Snowboarding Season with Freebord: Shred All Year Round!

Introduction Are you a snowboarder looking to extend your riding season beyond the snowy peaks? Look no further! Freebord Europe has the perfect solution for you. Our unique freebord designs allow you to experience the thrill of snowboarding on asphalt, giving you the opportunity to progress and ride all year round. If you want some […]