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Freeboard: The Best Way to Practice Snowboarding All Year Round

For snowboarders, the end of winter often brings a longing for the slopes. The off-season can feel like an eternity, leaving many riders searching for ways to stay sharp and keep their skills honed. Enter the Freebord: a revolutionary skateboard designed to mimic the feel of snowboarding on asphalt. If you’re looking to practice snowboarding all year round, the Freebord is your ultimate solution. Here’s why:

What is a freeboard?

A Freebord is a specialized skateboard engineered to simulate the sensation of snowboarding on pavement. Unlike traditional skateboards, Freebords come equipped with six wheels—two central wheels that pivot 360 degrees and four outer wheels designed for braking. This unique setup allows riders to carve, slide, and perform tricks just like they would on snow.

How does a freeboard work?

The magic of a Freebord lies in its wheel configuration and bindings:

  • Center Wheels: The two central wheels are slightly elevated and can rotate freely, enabling smooth, snowboard-like turns and rotations.
  • Side Wheels: Positioned at the edges, these four wheels provide stability and control, allowing for effective braking and speed regulation.
  • Bindings: Similar to snowboard bindings, these straps keep your feet secure on the board, offering precision control for jumps, freestyle tricks, and butters.

Benefits of Freeboarding

  1. Year-Round Practice: The primary advantage of a Freebord is the ability to practice snowboarding skills regardless of the season. Whether it’s the height of summer or the dead of winter, you can take your Freebord to the streets and keep your muscle memory intact.

  2. Improved Technique: Freebording helps you refine your carving, sliding, and balance skills. The similarity to snowboarding mechanics ensures that your technique remains sharp, making the transition back to snow seamless.

  3. Versatility: Freebords can be used on a variety of terrains—from smooth city streets to winding hill descents. This versatility allows you to challenge yourself and explore new environments, enhancing your adaptability as a rider.

  4. Fitness and Conditioning: Regular Freebording is an excellent workout. It engages your core, legs, and stabilizing muscles, helping you stay in peak physical condition for the snowboarding season.

  5. Community and Events: The Freebord community is vibrant and welcoming. Participating in group rides, events, and competitions can be both motivating and educational. You’ll meet fellow enthusiasts, share tips, and push each other to new heights.

How to get started to freeboarding

  • Get the Right Gear: Invest in a quality Freebord, helmet, and protective gear such as knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves. Safety should always be your top priority.
  • Learn the Basics: Start on a gentle slope to get a feel for the board. Practice basic maneuvers like carving and braking before progressing to more advanced techniques.
  • Join a Community: Engage with other Freeborders through social media, local meetups, or online forums. Learning from experienced riders can accelerate your progress and enhance your enjoyment of the sport. Check our worldwide discord here.
  • Take Lessons: Consider enrolling in a Freebord school or taking lessons from experienced riders. Structured coaching can provide valuable insights and help you master the board more quickly. Join the freebord school this summer! 


For snowboarders craving the thrill of the slopes all year long, the Freebord offers an unparalleled solution. Its innovative design captures the essence of snowboarding, allowing you to practice, improve, and enjoy the ride whenever and wherever you want. Embrace the off-season, keep your skills sharp, and make every street your personal snowboarding playground with a Freebord.

Ready to start your Freebord journey? Visit to discover our range of boards and gear up for an endless winter. Happy riding! 🌟🛹❄️