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Introducing the Six Wheels Show: Unveiling the Heart-Pounding Ride

Welcome, riders and thrill-seekers, to the Six Wheels Show, your hub for the latest and greatest in the world of Freebording! Quentin is your host, and today, we’re diving into a whirlwind of excitement. From events that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat to jaw-dropping crashes, gear reviews that’ll ignite your curiosity, and updates that’ll fuel your passion, this season promises to be nothing short of mind-blowing. So, buckle up, because the asphalt adventure is about to begin.

STS-Tour 2023: The Worldwide Ride That Starts in the Heart of Switzerland

The countdown has begun, and the streets are calling your name! Freebord Europe proudly announces the epic launch of STS-Tour 2023 – a worldwide journey that’s set to kick off in the picturesque land of Switzerland on April 22nd. But hey, don’t let your location hold you back; this ride is open to everyone with a burning desire to experience the asphalt rush. Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned pro, our ambassadors are here to welcome you into the adrenaline-fueled family. And guess what? It’s not about how you ride, but the stoke you bring.

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Rookie of the Year: Celebrating Adnan’s Triumph

Hailing from the vibrant streets of Morocco, Adnan has emerged as the Rookie of the Year 22, and boy, does he embody the spirit of Freebording! With a mindset as cool as the wind rushing through the streets, Adnan has mastered the art of sharing his journey on social media. Now, get ready to hear straight from the champ himself as he spills the beans on tips and tricks that’ll ignite the fire in newbies. Trust us, this insight is pure gold.

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Best Crash Award: Saluting the Spirit of Perseverance

Sometimes, life hands us the unexpected. Pierro, our fearless rider, recently faced a setback – a broken leg while pursuing his passion. But let’s raise our boards to his indomitable spirit. Pierrot, we’re with you on this journey to recovery, and we know you’ll return stronger than ever. It’s not the fall that defines us; it’s the unyielding determination to rise.

Pierro Instagram

DRC Unveiled: Riders Embrace the Freebord 5

We’re ecstatic to witness the wave of enthusiasm as our American riders receive their Indiegogo boards! Amidst the cheers and excitement, DRC, a former American provider, took the Freebord 5X for a spin and shared his thoughts. Smooth, responsive, and the carving? Unmatched. This board isn’t just a ride; it’s a revelation that’s redefining the world of Freebording.

DRC Instragram

Pro Team: Welcoming New Faces and Unleashing Potential

Our Freebord Europe Pro Team is the epitome of riding excellence, and this season, we’ve got some electrifying additions! Say hello to Adrien and Loic, who’ve joined the ranks of our legendary riders. Their energy, skills, and passion are set to electrify the asphalt. Brace yourselves for a season of progression, community, and unforgettable rides.

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Closing Thoughts on the Six Wheels Show

And that’s a wrap for this episode of Six Wheels Show! As you gear up for your own rides and adventures, remember – the asphalt is your canvas, and the board is your paintbrush. Join us next time for more heart-pounding action, electrifying stories, and a journey that’ll keep your adrenaline soaring. Until then, ride on, riders!

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