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At Freebord Europe, we’re thrilled to give you the opportunity to ride the famous haight privilege that you probably already know. Historically, this has been an exciting collaboration with former team rider Bently Anderson with his brand: Entitlement Urethane. Bently has always been a key player pushing the boundaries between Freeboarding and longboarding. This innovative product line is meticulously designed to elevate your ride on both platforms, offering a versatile and high-performance experience.

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Haight Privilege: The Long-Lasting Wheel Revolution

Step into the future of riding with the Haight Privilege, a wheel engineered for durability and unmatched performance. Whether you’re carving the streets on a Freebord or cruising on a longboard, these wheels redefine your ride with a seamless transition between the two worlds.

Limited Stock Alert!

We’re excited to offer a limited supply of both rounded and edge-type Haight Privilege wheels. Act quickly to secure your set and experience the fusion of Freebording and longboarding like never before. To optimize your setup, make sure to grab a set of 10mm spacers.

Order Now from Freebord Europe Store

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ride the Haight Privilege. Order your set now from the Freebord Europe store and join us in redefining the boundaries of extreme sports.

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