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In the heart-pounding realm of Freebording, riders are more than athletes; they are artists, storytellers, and passionate community builders. The Freebord Rider Awards 2023, an event that honors these extraordinary individuals, is gearing up for an exciting showcase of skill, creativity, and dedication to the sport. In this article, we’ll delve into the event’s categories, rules, and the coveted prizes that await the most exceptional Freeborders.

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Categories that Define Excellence

  1. Best Short Content: The Art of Storytelling
    This category is a celebration of the Freebord community’s creative storytellers. Participants are challenged to craft a 1-minute, 9:16 edit that encapsulates their Freebord lifestyle in the most imaginative way possible. It’s a canvas for self-expression and a tribute to the artistic side of Freebording.
  2. Rookie of the Year: Embracing Newcomer Excellence
    Here, the spotlight shines on riders who have embraced Freebording for less than three years. With a 2-minute raw video, they have the opportunity to showcase their rapid progression and dedication to mastering the sport. This category embodies the spirit of growth and potential within the Freebord community.
  3. Best Community Event: Uniting Riders and Communities
    The Best Community Event category recognizes the ambassadors of Freebord gatherings and events that foster camaraderie. The winning event’s ambassador will be honored for their role in bringing riders together. In this category, it’s the community’s voice that decides the victor through a vote for their favorite event.
  4. Rider of the Year (Open to Pro Team Riders Only): Celebrating Excellence in the Pro Ranks
    Reserved for the cream of the crop, this category acknowledges the pro rider who has displayed extraordinary skills, commitment, dedication, spirit, and determination throughout the year. Entrants are tasked with creating a best-of-the-year raw video, a testament to their exceptional contributions to the sport.

Rules of the Game

The Grand Rewards

In each of the 3 categories, the rewards are as follows (Rider of the Year don’t gets material as they already have a sponsorship deals):

We know, the prices could be better, it is more a gesture of keeping the FRAs alive until we are big enough to give more motivating prices, like back in the days. Thanks for understanding.

The Freebord Rider Awards 2023 promises to be an exhilarating showcase of talent, creativity, and passion within the Freebord community. It’s a platform where riders come together to celebrate their shared love for carving and cruising while honoring the most outstanding among them. As the submission deadline approaches, the excitement is palpable, and the Freebord world eagerly awaits the unveiling of the champions who will rise above the rest.

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