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STEP 1 - Your board includes


S2 Topper

Counter sunk mounting bolt

Round head mounting bolt

S2 height adjust screw 

Mounting nut

S2 base


5-X Truck

Make sure you have everything

STEP 2 - Tools

You are going to need

STEP 3 - Poke Holes

Poke holes in the grip tape

*Be careful, the grip is pretty strong until it completely gives way. Make sure your hand is not behind the hole when your doing your poking.

STEP 4 - Casters

Mount your casters

*The bindings should not be assembled yet, only use the metal binding base. 
If the topper is installed you wont be able to get the screw driver on the inside bolts.

STEP 5 - Trucks

Mount your trucks

STEP 6 - Bindings

Install the binding toppers

*Don’t be the noob that misses the slot in the bottom of the topper. Attaching the topper to the side of the base will result in the screws immediately bending. 

STEP 7 - Pre-ride Check (every session)

Make sure your caster wheel is tightened, the bracket feels strong, and that the caster spins all the way around.

Check your edge wheel nuts for proper tightness.

Check to see if your kingpin faceplate is installed and the pins are properly retained.

Insure your bindings are properly assembled and have the height adjust screws installed.

Pull the hanger arm away from the deck to make sure your easy blocks are installed and the springs are properly secure. 

Check to make sure all your mounting bolts are installed and tightened.

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