Upcoming Network Cameo

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A few weeks ago we blew the conch shell and summoned some of the local riders to film a special shoot for an upcoming series featuring San Francisco. We met up at the warehouse like we…


Team Trip 2014 – David Schiotis

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This was David Shiotis’ first time on a Freebord Team Trip, needless to say he was endlessly hazed by the rest of the team, as is tradition. They spread honey on his sleeping bag for…

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Bently Anderson loves editing

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Over the years I’ve literally watched Bently and his editing grow up.  He has always had unique edits and I think of his style as sort of an extension of his personality. Bently embraces a lot editing…


Team Trip 2014 – Daniel R. Clay

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Daniel R. Clay is one of the few riders notorious for his freestyle game and is a crucial part of the team because of it. During the first day of the Team Trip he climbed…