Boro Center Wheels – Ft. Ryan Thomas

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Last week, Ryan Thomas and I hit the streets of downtown San Francisco to break in a pair of the new “Boro” Center Wheels Freebord developed. We hopped in the Dethbox, drove to the Tenderloin,…

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Rider Submitted Content: Luke Miller – First Of The Year

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This week’s Rider Submitted Video is of Luke Miller shredding in Pismo Beach, CA. Want to get your video on our blog, submit it here.


Different Stokes For Different Folks — Freebord vs Skateboard

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Freebord vs Skateboard Humbling Beginnings Freebord was started in 1996 by Steen Strand in Palo Alto, CA, while studying for his master’s in product design at Stanford University. Steen didn’t just stumble on to the…

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Jordi Puig “The Destroyer of Hills”

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Our boy Jordi  just released one of those “makes me wanna ride” videos that gets you so amped up by the end of it you “just need your fix”.   Sound familiar?  Well, prepare to be itchy. The footage is…