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Professional Team Rider


Year of birth

Valais, Switzerland


Riding set-up

FB5: medium tight trucks, 2 fingers rocker.

FB5Xblue springs, 1 finger rocker



Freebord 5

Soft Springs

Brass Monkeys

TSG Evolution Solid - black

BORD since Hoodie - Black


How long have you been riding?

“Since 2010”

How did you get started?

I needed something between snowboard seasons , 1 month after buying my first Freebord I was at Freebord summer camp meeting the one of the best community and It became a passion!

Describe your ideal road trip?

“A bunch of advanced to pro riders hitting steep curvy sections and/or narrow forest runs, chilling in a lake at the end of the day. at some point spending a bit of my time teaching rookies is a pleasure.”

Choose 4 riders for an epic session who would it be?

“Quentin, Patrice, Jordi, Pierro”

Favorite place to ride in the whole world?

“Tenerife, I guess, but never been, YET!”

What’s the most effort you’ve given to filming a clip?

“During a little roller and skateboard big air bag contest, in Anzere, sending a double backflip from a 3m high kicker.

I also had a long, tryhard journey to boardslide the LSS big rainbow, so long I didn’t even get it filmed when I finally made it.”

What’s your favorite video of all time?

“Jordi highlights 2017”

Who was your favorite rider as a grom?

“Mike Hoppe”

What advice do you have for the groms?

“Speed shouldn’t be a goal, freebording is a game of drifting, so better focus on perfect control, speed will come by itself and there’s no better sensation than sliding so light it never ends.”

How do you integrate freebording into your life?

“I practice and/or teach weekly”

Favorite wheel?

Boros + Brass

Safety tip?

“Choose spots that fits your skills. Always wear a helmet. Riding in group, respecting a few rules, can be safer.”


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