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Freebord Rider Awards

Freebord Rider Awards A look at the past… 2023 WINNERS Rookie of the year Sacha Grover (EasyRiders) Sacha Grover, also known as EasyRiders, emerges as the Rookie of the Year 2023, showcasing phenomenal progress and a promising future. His dedication and skill development over the year have positioned him as a leader in the next generation […]

Haight Privilege: Limited stock Alert

At Freebord Europe, we’re thrilled to give you the opportunity to ride the famous haight privilege that you probably already know. Historically, this has been an exciting collaboration with former team rider Bently Anderson with his brand: Entitlement Urethane. Bently has always been a key player pushing the boundaries between Freeboarding and longboarding. This innovative […]

Get Ready for 6Wheels – Episode 3: A Freebord Extravaganza!

Hey there, Freebord enthusiasts! Welcome back to the 3rd episode of 6Wheels, your go-to for all things Freebord. Let’s dial it back to the sizzling summer loaded with stoke and camaraderie. I had the pleasure of soaking in the vibes at some fantastic events, rubbing shoulders with our passionate Freebord community. Here’s a sneak peek […]

Meet the Legends: The Jury of Freebord Rider Awards 2023

In the electrifying world of Freebording, where riders carve their own path to greatness, the Freebord Rider Awards 2023 promises to be an unforgettable celebration of skill, creativity, and unwavering dedication to the sport. Behind this prestigious event lies a jury of 10 Freebord legends, each with a storied history in the sport and a […]

Jonay Jorge Grosso

JONAY GROSSO Professional Team Rider Jonay Jorge Grosso Year of birth1983 LocationTenerife, Canary Islands AwardsRookie of the Year 2014 Riding set-upTrucks pretty loose, big rocker. HIGHLIGHT VIDEO FAVORITE SETUP Freebord 5 BUY NOW DaBlues & Boros BUY NOW Hanger 5 Riser Pads 6mm BUY NOW TSG Evolution Solid – black BUY NOW CHoE Logo T-Shirt […]

Wheels Overview

FREEBORD WHEELS ARE MADE FOR FREEBORDING If you are looking for the best options for your Freebord, you should definitely take a wheel that is made for freebording. Our Wheels are tested by Freeborders for Freeborders, focusing on the needs of a Freeborder. But they work great on any skateboard or longboard! Da Blues Haight […]

Choosing Your Setup

HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR SET UP OVERVIEW TRUCKS DECK SIZE WHEELS FREEBORD 5X OR FREEBORD 5 UPGRADES AVAILABLE Learning Speed Carve Slide Adjustability The Freebord 5X is the future of snowboarding the streets. Our team has engineered a truck system that carves and slides just like a snowboard. The new geometry gives riders a wider turning […]