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In the electrifying world of Freebording, where riders carve their own path to greatness, the Freebord Rider Awards 2023 promises to be an unforgettable celebration of skill, creativity, and unwavering dedication to the sport. Behind this prestigious event lies a jury of 10 Freebord legends, each with a storied history in the sport and a deep appreciation for the riders who dare to defy gravity on their boards. In this article, we introduce you to the esteemed judges who will play a pivotal role in selecting the champions of this year’s awards.

1. Caleb Casey: The Freestyle Maverick

Caleb Casey is a name synonymous with freestyle brilliance. Known for his daring backflips and an innate ability to excel in both Freebording and snowboarding, he brings a wealth of expertise to the judging panel. His keen eye for style and innovation will undoubtedly shape the destiny of the awards. Our favorite video from Caleb is right here, go take some notes ;).

2. Roberto Lopez: The Skatepark Trailblazer

Roberto Lopez is a legend who left an indelible mark on Freebording by pushing it into the skateparks. His famous video, “How to Kill the Monkey,” showcased world-first tricks that inspired a generation. Roberto’s judging acumen is founded on a deep understanding of progression and style. For your culture, you should go watch it now.

3. Bently Anderson: The Filmmaker Extraordinaire

Bently Anderson is a creative force behind the lens. His knack for capturing the craziest Freebording moments and coaching aspiring riders sets him apart. As a judge, Bently will bring a filmmaker’s perspective to the submissions, evaluating not only the riding but also its visual storytelling. Go watch his Freebord recap!

4. Bob Glashan: The Street Spot Pioneer

Bob Glashan’s journey in Freebording began in his youth, and he quickly became a big sender. His fearless approach and street spot exploration inspired countless riders to take their skills to the city streets. As a judge, Bob will recognize the riders who embrace urban creativity. The video he made to join the Freebord Team 14 years ago is still an inspiration.

5. Chloé Debluze: The Speed Demon

Chloé Debluze is a legend in speed and adrenaline. Known for her fearless descents and the iconic megaramp she conquered in 2011, she brings a unique perspective to the panel. Chloé’s judging criteria will surely reflect her passion for fast and daring rides.

6. Corey Lucero: The Master of Style

Corey Lucero’s mastery of style, steeze, and overslides sets him apart. As a judge, he will pay special attention to the riders who infuse their rides with a touch of artistry and a flair for the dramatic. In his video part from Paved For Us, Corey Lucero showed an incredible creativity in his ride, we love it!

7. Jon Ehm: The CHoE Icon

Jon Ehm, a member of the famous CHoE crew, has been a central figure in the Freebord community. He also led the Freebord pro shop in France, making him a trusted voice in the sport. Jon will bring his extensive knowledge to bear as a judge. You can watch his review from the Freebord 5X here.

8. Justin Oliver: The Rider Turned Filmmaker

Justin Oliver was once a top rider in the world, particularly when it comes to hitting sidewalks of the USA. Then he transitioned into filmmaking for the brand, capturing the essence of Freebording. As a judge, his unique perspective will be instrumental in evaluating both the riding and the storytelling behind the submissions.

9. Mike Hoppe: The Legend of Legends

Mike Hoppe is a legend who transcends generations. Renowned for his impeccable style and fearless speed, he’s a face of Freebord. Mike’s presence on the jury adds a touch of gravitas to the awards. Every downhill lovers will love his style, and we recommend you to watch this part from Paved for us.

10. Rems Vrag: He Loves Fast & Dirty

Rems Vrag is known for hosting one of the best Freebord events since 2008. He will always bring you to the best places to ride. Go watch Better Call Rems! His passion for the sport and expertise in organizing events make him a valuable addition to the judging panel.

These 10 Freebord legends will have the honor of judging the Rookie of the Year, Best Short Content, and selecting the Rider of the Year for 2023. As the submissions pour in, the fate of the awards rests in their capable hands. For those aspiring to participate, remember to submit your clips before the 15th of November. The Freebord Rider Awards 2023 promises to be a thrilling celebration of Freebord excellence, guided by the discerning eyes of these revered judges.

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