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Reflecting on the #Ride4Sam event that took place last Sunday, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible outpouring of support and participation from the global freeboarding community. April 21st marked the 13th anniversary of the untimely passing of Sam Trowbridge, a legendary figure in the world of freeboarding.

Sam was more than just a rider; he was an artist, a visionary whose passion for freeboarding knew no bounds. His groundbreaking videos and unique style inspired generations of freeboarders worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on our sport. His dedication to capturing the essence of freeboarding on film was unmatched, and his legacy continues to resonate with riders around the world.

As we gathered to honor Sam’s memory, crews from all corners of the globe united in solidarity, taking to the slopes, streets, and neighborhoods to pay tribute to his life and legacy. From heart-pounding downhill runs to stylish tricks, the #Ride4Sam event was a testament to the unity and camaraderie of the freeboarding community.

We extend our sincerest thanks to all the riders who participated in the #Ride4Sam event, sharing their videos, photos, and stories. Your unwavering support and dedication are a testament to the enduring impact of Sam’s legacy, reminding us all of the importance of safety and community within our sport.

As we continue to ride in Sam’s memory, let us do so with joy, gratitude, and a spirit of adventure. His legacy lives on through each of us who are passionate about freeboarding, and we will forever be inspired by his remarkable contributions to our community. Ride in peace, Sam. 🙏🛹

Enjoy some of his best videos!

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Flow, By sam Trowbridge (2010)
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Today Was A Good Day, by Sam Trowbridge (2009)
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Zoetrope 2 by Sam Trowbridge (2011)


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