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Last week, Quentin & Adrien from the Freebord Europe team embarked on an exciting adventure with Easy Riders, also known as Sacha, who recently won the Rookie of the Year award. Sacha wanted to demonstrate the transferable skills between freeboarding and snowboarding, showcasing how mastering one can seamlessly translate to the other.

The Journey Begins

Armed with his freebord skills, Sacha ventured to a French ski resort to tackle the slopes on a snowboard for the very first time. With no prior experience in snowboarding, he was eager to put his freebord techniques to the test and see if they truly prepared him for the snow-covered mountains.

As Sacha strapped on a snowboard and glided down the slopes, it became evident that his freebord expertise was not in vain. Despite the initial challenges of navigating the unfamiliar terrain, Sacha quickly adapted, effortlessly carving through the snow with precision and finesse. His innate understanding of balance and edge control, honed through countless hours of freeboarding, proved to be invaluable as he conquered each run with confidence. You should definitely check his video, you’ll see that he’s snowboarding on the very first run.

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The Ultimate Test

The culmination of Sacha’s journey came when he tackled the most challenging runs of the resort. With determination and skill, he effortlessly maneuvered down steep slopes and tackled sharp turns with ease. It was a testament to the effectiveness of freeboarding as a precursor to snowboarding, proving that the two sports are more interconnected than meets the eye.

Join the Adventure

Sacha’s experience serves as a testament to the seamless transition from freebording to snowboarding. His remarkable performance on the slopes highlights the invaluable skills and techniques acquired through freeboarding, demonstrating that it is indeed possible to learn to snowboard without ever hitting the slopes. As Sacha continues to push the boundaries of his riding abilities, he inspires us all to embrace the thrill of the ride, whether on pavement or powder.

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