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The Freebord community has once again showcased its incredible talent through the lens, capturing the essence of Freebording in breathtaking shots. The nominees for the Best Short Content category have taken the art of Freebord cinematography to new heights. Let’s dive into the creativity and skill displayed by our top contenders:

👉 Dino Elliot

Dino’s short content is a visual delight, portraying the beauty of Freebording in the stunning landscapes of Greece. His keen eye for composition and timing has elevated Freebord cinematography to an art form.

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👉 Adnane Chiboub

Adnane’s shots tell a captivating story of Freebording in Morocco. The vibrant culture and picturesque locations provide the backdrop for some truly awe-inspiring shots. Each frame captures the spirit of adventure and camaraderie.

👉 Quentin Streum

Quentin’s short content takes us on a nostalgic journey, reflecting on the evolution of Freebording. The carefully curated shots, combined with storytelling finesse, create a visual narrative that resonates with both seasoned Freeborders and newcomers.

👉 Loic Garel

Loic’s shots are a testament to his exceptional riding skills and cinematographic flair. From jaw-dropping action shots to creatively edited sequences, his content showcases Freebording as an exhilarating and visually stunning sport.

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👉 Sacha Grover

Sacha’s short content breaks barriers, he’s sharing his freebord journey that has been incredible until now. A great show that Freebording is all about riding, making friends, travel… His shots capture the dynamic and freestyle nature of Freebording, inspiring viewers to see the world as their playground.

As we celebrate these nominees, it’s evident that Freebord cinematography is a thriving and integral part of the community. Each nominee brings a unique perspective, contributing to the visual tapestry that defines Freebording. The winner of the Best Shot Content category will undoubtedly represent the epitome of Freebord cinematography excellence. Stay tuned to witness the unveiling of the winner at the Freebord Rider Awards 2023! 🏆🚀

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