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Are you a snowboarder looking to extend your riding season beyond the snowy peaks? Look no further! Freebord Europe has the perfect solution for you. Our unique freebord designs allow you to experience the thrill of snowboarding on asphalt, giving you the opportunity to progress and ride all year round.

If you want some explanation of the similarities between the 2 sports, here is a great video from Easy Riders.

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Year-Round Riding

Freeboarding provides the ultimate solution for snowboard enthusiasts who don’t want the fun to end when the snow melts. With our boards, you can carve down streets and hills, maintaining that same exhilarating feeling you get on the slopes.

Retain and Improve Skills

Keep your snowboarding skills sharp throughout the entire year. Freebord’s design closely mimics the movements and sensations of snowboarding, allowing you to continuously progress and refine your technique.

Forget being limited to specific mountainous locations. With a freebord, the city becomes your terrain park. Cruise down urban streets, explore local hills, and discover unique spots to express your style.

Freeboarding offers a unique set of challenges that complement your snowboarding skills. Mastering the art of carving on asphalt and navigating various terrains will not only keep things exciting but also contribute to your overall riding proficiency.

Community and Camaraderie

Join the global freebord community and connect with riders who share the same passion. Participate in events, challenges, and gatherings to enhance your riding experience and build lasting friendships.

Don’t let the changing seasons put a damper on your passion for snowboarding. Embrace the year-round riding experience with Freebord Europe. Our boards are not just tools; they’re gateways to endless progression, fun, and a connected community. Start your freebord journey today and elevate your riding to new heights!

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