“So every snowboarder is walking around their neighborhood, and every street is now a  snowboard run, whether it’s that mellow run on that side of town, or that steep black diamond on this side of town;  They’re riding in the summer, they’re riding in the winter, they’re riding all year long. ”

–Steen Strand

Founder of Freebord



Freebords make the impossible, possible. Every aspect of a Freebord is custom designed and hand assembled right in our San Francisco shop. We don’t just make Freebords, we all ride Freebords.

Custom Reinforced Deck

Revolutionary G3 Trucks

S2 Bindings Redefine Control


The Freebord truck is very similar to a traditional skateboard truck with a hanger and a baseplate but with one major addition, a 360 degree pivoting center wheel that takes care of most of the motion. The center wheel creates “rocker” which allows you to transfer weight to the edge wheels and turn just like a snowboard.


The S2 binding is the latest in control on pavement. Designed specifically for Freebording, the S2 allows for more edge control, more adjustability, and more safety than any other binding on the market.