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Professional Team Rider


Year of birth

Montpellier, France

Riding set-up
Trucks tight for skatepark and loosen for downhill, big rocker.



Freebord 5

DaBlues & Boros

Hanger 5 Riser Pads 6mm

TSG Evolution Solid - black

DROP IN T-Shirt – white


How long have you been riding?

“I’ve been riding since 2014.”

How did you get started?

“I Started with a friend for a year then he stopped so I was riding less until I met Alexandre Pallastreli and his friends. I enjoyed riding with them, the atmosphere was cool, and we also started to make some videos.”

Describe your ideal road trip?

“My ideal road trip would be with the coolkids team going somewhere we can all do the best tricks we know and to learn new ones. A place where there is a skate-park with a big ramp and foam or airbag to try a lot of tricks.”

Choose 4 riders for an epic session who would it be?

“For sure I chose Pallas ! It is the best guys I know in the freebord world
After that I would choose the coolkids team, Quentin and Jordi !
And to finish it all off, I would add my sister Stella.

Favorite place to ride in the whole world?

“I’m still looking for it, but for the moment my favorite place is in Andorra, there are so many beautiful hills. I hope I will travel more and discover new spots all around the world

What’s the most effort you’ve given to filming a clip?

“I think follow Jordi is the most difficult thing, he is very fast even when the pavement is bad.”

What’s your favorite video of all time?

“My favourite video is from Roberto lopez, “freebord “the backflip”
There is a lot of original tricks”

Who was your favorite rider as a grom?

“My favorite rider was Roberto Lopez because he his the best freeborder in skate-park I have ever seen, he was far ahead of his time, I would have like to freebord in skate-park with him.”

What advice do you have for the groms?

“Bring your friends with you into the freebord world and make better videos than us !
Have a great time when you ride, enjoy what you do and take care of you.”

How do you integrate freebording into your life?

“I go freebord like I was going for a walk, I enjoy riding even for a short trip, it’s a good time for me. I used to go to school with my board. It was fun to make a big 360 before going to the subway.”

Favorite wheel?

Haight privilege for hills, Dablues for skate-park.”

Safety tip?

“As always, wear a helmet, check your wheels before any downhill, bring some food and don’t ride when you’re tired.”


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