Quentin // Mestre

Age: 21
Location: Grenoble / Houilles , France

Favorite Riding Spot:

“I like many spots in French Alps, but I think my favorite one is the Izoard Path in the Southern Alps. This is probably one of the more beautiful views I have ever seen, there is just a road in wilderness. We can drop in both directions, I prefer the side behind « Casse deserte » which is steeper, we can go fast and make rotations like we want without losing speed.”

How did you get started?

I started Freebord when I was 15. Thibaut Eychene showed me a video on Zapiks. Then we bought one with two other good friends of mine, Valentin Gouriou and Hugo Granville.

Best Freebord Memory:

Every road trip I’ve done with the NFR were amazing! Especially, the last 3 days of the trip this summer in Izoard. We camped in a in a wild and beautiful place, it was an escape from everything, there is nothing better than ride and spend good time with friends.

Board settings:

80cm, maximum rocker.




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