Jordi Puig

Standout of the Year 2012 & Rider Of The Year 2013

Age: 18

Location: Barcelona

Favorite Riding Spot: Too many! But mostly Cabrils (Spain), Les Deux Alpes (in the french alps) and the whole country of Switzerland!

How did you get started? My cousin Albert, who taught me how to snowboard, told me about freebord, and then I started watching videos from Roberto Lopez and getting stoked! Then my parents gave me my first board for my birthday. Until then, I've been riding as much as I can!

How long have you been riding? Since I was 14! How was life before it? probably boring...

Best Freebord memory: The CHoE trip to Stelvio in 2012 summer, where we shred Switzerland and Italy, was incredible... but I'd say the funniest one was traveling by train over Switzerland with Bently Anderson, carrying some stinky cheese with us...

Board settings: 85cm bamboo board, G3 and really loose trucks, maximum rocker