JASON // Van’t Rood 

Jason // Van’t Rood

Age: 25

Location: Wasatch mountains, Utah

Favorite Riding Spot: Any road with some good turns to overslide

How did you get started?

My buddy at a party showed me a couple videos, and I knew that I wanted to be a freeborder. He fell off, and here I am!

How long have you been riding?

riding since mid 2013

Best Freebord Memory:

Last summer I was able to make it 4 spread the shred events, and to fras. I also was able to help host our own event in salt lake city last year. My best memory is just getting to meet freeborders from all over the place, and form instant friendships

Board settings:

83 cm bamboo
G3-r’s with loose trucks and center wheel at halfway
Da blues




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Check out this sweet short video that our friends over in Utah got the chance to colab on with two local studios (BriteLite Studio & Elm Studio). The Director had this to say: “I’m not a Freeborder, But I grew up snowboarding and watching these types of videos. So, it’s…

Freebord Team Trip 2016 – Savages In The Sierras

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Summer is here and that means gears are turning here at the Freebord HQ. We have been planning an incredible...

Fresh Cut – Jason Vant’rood, Seattle Spread The Shred

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Jason Vant’Rood recently made the Freebord Team and took the liberty of heading from Salt Lake City on over to Seattle for the Spread The Shred event. This fresh cut shows his warm up run on one of the hills they hit. Unfortunately the run after this was not as…

Cruiser Raw Run – Wasatch

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Take a trip down a salty peak in Salt Lake City with Hunter Moore and (the recently Pro Freebord Team member) Jason Vant’Rood as they press and carve their way in this high speed raw run. I got the opportunity to travel to SLC last year for Spread The Shred and…