Corey // Lucero

2009 Standout of the Year
Age: 26
Denver, CO
Favorite Riding Spot:
A secret spot in NorCal
How did you get started?
My neighbor at college showed me a video of some dudes ripping down SF hills looking just like they were snowboarding, I was stoked and bought a bord shortly after.
How long have you been riding?
8 years
Best Freebord Memory:
Team Trip 2011
Board settings:
80cm deck, real tight trucks and mad rocker.



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Spreading the Shred in Colorado

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It was another blue bird day in Colorado, and the hills were waiting! We had a more compact group this...

Hello My Brothers And Sisters Of Shred!

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Freebord Team Trip 2016 – Savages In The Sierras

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HEAT REMIX – San Francisco Warehouse Spot

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When you put together a project like the 2015 team video HEAT, a lot of footage gets stacked into it. Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate a certain hill or spot that you see because you’re so caught up in the entire video itself. We figured this spot near our headquarters…