Corey // Lucero

2009 Standout of the Year
Age: 26
Denver, CO
Favorite Riding Spot:
A secret spot in NorCal
How did you get started?
My neighbor at college showed me a video of some dudes ripping down SF hills looking just like they were snowboarding, I was stoked and bought a bord shortly after.
How long have you been riding?
8 years
Best Freebord Memory:
Team Trip 2011
Board settings:
80cm deck, real tight trucks and mad rocker.




Weekly Video Roundup 2/21

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2014 FRA Official Video So you’re bummed out because you missed last year’s rider awards, well fret no more we’ve got all the highlights in one beautifully edited video. Our boy Adam Stanton filmed and edited…

Stoke The Flame - Full Length - Thumbnail

Stoke The Flame – 2014 Full Length

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After much anticipation, we’re proud to present the 2014 Freebord full length entitled “Stoke The Flame“. This 33 minute long full length feature was filmed throughout the course of 2014 and showcases all of our…


Team Trip 2014 – Corey Lucero

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“Choose your own adventure” was the mantra for this year’s Team Trip, and it could not have been any more fitting considering the fact that the Team dictated where we’d stop and what hills we’d…

35mm - Freebord - Team Trip 2014 - Corey Lucero - Interview

Team Trip 2014 – Corey Lucero 35MM

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Corey Lucero took a spill dodging a rogue car towards the end of the trip and had post up in the back of the van with his foot on ice while we searched for shit…