Caleb // Casey

2013 Ramp Contest Winner
Age: 22
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Favorite Riding Spot:
Nob Hill in San Francisco (Lombard St. area)
How did you get started?
I saw ads in Transworld snowboarding and discovered the sport back a few years. I moved from Idaho to Tennessee in high school and couldn’t snowboard as much, so I knew I had to get a Freebord. I saved up for a bit and soon joined the Freeworld.
How long have you been riding? 6 years
Best Freebord Memory:
My first trip to San Francisco to ride for a week with the best and then on to Vegas for 2010 Freebord Rider Awards.
Board settings: 83 cm deck, Da Blues, G3’s




2015 Official Freebord Pro Team

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Freebord Mfg. is proud to announce our 2015 pro team. Caleb Casey – Utah, USA Corey Lucero – Colorado, USA Daniel Clay – California, USA David Bickett– California, USA David Schiotis – California, USA Jonay Grosso –…

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Freebord Rider Awards Director’s Cut

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A while ago we released the official highlight video from the 2014 Freebord Rider Awards. That edit is awesome, but it just couldn’t fit in all the riding and shenanigans that went down during the 2 day…

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Epic Wasatch Crew Video

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Caleb Casey showed me this video shortly before the ’14 FRAs and I was pretty blown away.  The production quality matched with the riding quality easily makes this one of the top videos of 2014….


Weekly Video Roundup 2/21

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2014 FRA Official Video So you’re bummed out because you missed last year’s rider awards, well fret no more we’ve got all the highlights in one beautifully edited video. Our boy Adam Stanton filmed and edited…