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April 7, 2016

California Backcountry Video

Entitlement Urethane's Vimeo channel is one you can count on for constant updates and consistent quality. This edit features riding from Naïm Chenguiti, Guilhem Grimo, and Nicolas Rasabro. These 3 are a group of French gypsies that have turned the hobby of snowboarding the street into a lifestyle of adventure.
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April 1, 2016

Switching Edges – Entitlement Video

  We caught this dope video of Naïm Chenguiti crushing this west coast hill off the Entitlement Urethane Vimeo. He is the type of rider that rides both ways so well that is can be hard to tell when he shredding switch or regular. You may remember seeing Naïm shredding in the…
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Bently AndersonMediaVideos
March 17, 2016

North Bay Episode 5 – Entitlement Urethane

In this episode of North Bay by Entitlement Urethane we watch some of our favorite French visitors shred down these north bay runs like a speeding bullet. Although there is that weird doll in the video - it is still worth the watch. Check it out.
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Bently AndersonVideos
March 15, 2016

Watch This French Crew Crush The Cali Backcountry

Strong downhill riding, soft indie rock, and gnarly wrecks are what makes this video shine. This band of gypsies based out of France  travels the world over in search of camaraderie, good pavement, and, of course, steep grades. As usual, Bently's edit blends the jovial antics of the group with…
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