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December 10, 2014

2014 Team Video “Stoke The Flame” Trailer

After nearly a year in the making, here's the trailer of the 2014 Team Video entitled "Stoke the Flame". We've put a lot of time, skin, and sanity into the forging of this video and are finally ready to let it see the light of day. There's only so much…
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December 9, 2014

Jordi Puig – Barcelona 2014 Photos

Our dude Bently Anderson recently flew overseas to kick it and ride with Jordi Puig in his hometown of Barcelona. Here's a few of the photos he sent our way along with a sneak peek of a video he put together while he was there. Jordi took him around the…
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November 28, 2014

Jordi Puig Slays This Run…

    Jordi Puig is one of those riders that doesn't need an entire video section to showcase his style. All he needs is a hill, his board and a minute of your time to drop jaws and demonstrate what a Freebord is capable of. Don't believe me, press play…
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August 15, 2014

Spread the Shred || Factory Jam

Spread The Shred Last Stop All right guys we've got quite the shindig in store for you. Pro team rider Jordi Puig in town from Spain and he's been absolutely frothing to get some time on the ramp. There will be a ton of free food and beer as always,…
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