Jason // Van’t Rood

Age: 24 

Location: Wasatch mountain range (salt lake city, utah)

Favorite riding spot: pinebrook, a neighborhood in park city, utah

How did you get started: at a party my buddy told me he was getting a freebord.. I told him wait a few days, I’ll put together the money and get one. He shattered his ankle a couple weeks later, but I wasn’t about to stop..

How long have you been riding: Been riding about 2 1/2 years.

Before Freebord life was come and go. Freebord gave me something to look forward to..

Best Freebord memory: last summer We didn’t have to make plans. It was just known that Sunday was shred day. Every week I looked forward to picking a mountain and taking laps.. cause when you’re going 40mph nothing exists

Board settings: if it’s not broke don’t fix it.. 83 bamboo with g3r’s on the 3rd notch. Always da blues