Got the Shot!

Filming and editing a complete video is hard and time consuming, but it’s easy to go out and film one shot! Freebord GOT THE SHOT is a new season-long contest that gives riders around the world an opportunity to showcase their best tricks and compete against each other throughout different aspects of the ride. We announce the categories, you get the shot, our Pros pick the winners!


  • Each month, we’ll post a new riding aspect we want you to film. (Examples: airs, gaps, presses, spins.)
  • Film yourself completing a trick in that month’s category. (Remember, this is a best trick contest!)
  • Upload the shot using the form below.
  • At the end of the month, our pro team will pick the best trick and we’ll release a compilation video of all the submissions and announce who Got the Shot.
  • Best shot each month wins $250 in credit.
  • At the end of the season, we’ll give out a special “best overall” prize to the rider who killed it throughout each contest.

Now you know how it works… Go out and GET THE SHOT !

Episode 5 / Best of 2012 : How to participate

  • If you didn’t submit for all episodes (Air, Grind, Bombing, Spins or Press), or if you stomped better tricks since then, send your shots !
  • Your clip(s) has to be with Raw sound (no music), and the file name should include your name (ex:
  • Connect to and send your shot to Do not forget to add your email, name and surname.
  • The bests riders overall will be featured in the GTS#5 video. The Freebord Pro Team riders will elect the best overall shredder and he’ll win something at the Freebord Rider Awards in Vegas ! (october 19th-20th)