Freebord FAQ Series | How long do Freebord wheels last?

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How long do Freebord wheels last?

When you watch a Freebord video for the first time, it’s likely that you’ll have two questions right off the bat:

1.) What the !@#$ is that thing?

2.) How long do those wheels last?

Since Freebord Mfg. was founded in 1997, our motto has been the following:

“Progression and innovation are what drive us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.”

This still rings true today, in fact, Freebord has prototyped and tested hundreds of iterations of wheel formulas. One of the most recent examples of this tech in action is our most advanced center wheel, The Boro .  The Boro tested off the charts in our durability trials, and gives the rider more longevity than any other wheel on the market.

Next up, is the Da Blues Edge Wheel (78mm | 80a) the best edge wheel we make hands down.  Tweaked and tested over the years, this wheel is the result of extensive testing by Freebord’s Pro and R&D team.

Da Blues are the highest performance wheel in our lineup, featuring a custom shape, a proprietary  urethane formula, and a 45mm contact patch to give you the maximum grip while still delivering a consistent and predictable slide. While usage may vary with how hard you are riding, many of our pros literally ride these for several months with no problem.


But don’t take my word for it, check out the video below of the CHoE team riding on them for over 100 kilometers in France.


Questions, comments, concerns? Ask me in the comments.




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  • Augustine says:

    Will freebord trucks fit on a long board I prefer the width of them better

    • Justin says:

      We do not recommend putting Freebord trucks on a longboard deck, and we have yet to come across a deck that actually fits our truck layout without drilling. Proceed with caution, just remember we gave you fair warning.

      • augustine says:

        Not the whole thing just the hangar

        • Justin says:

          I’m sorry but I don’t understand; Freebord hangars and baseplates do not work with longboard trucks.

        • Kyler says:

          Freebord hangers can fit the baseplate of a longboard truck… Not likely all will work.. But I’ve gotten one pair to work out… It seems weird at first but the stability and control is unreal..

          • Justin says:

            I would love to see pics and video of this beast in action! Please send ’em to me at Justin at Freebord.com!

          • Rooster T Faigen says:

            I’ve been a longboarder all my life. I laminate veneer to make decks and buy decks of all types… I’d call myself a junkie of sorts. I’D love to know what kind of deck you used with freebord gear to make it all fit. I’m a MycGyver with mostly everything I do in the shop. If you could send me pictures of the deck you used as well as the company and model, it would be a thrill to laminate a longboard/freebord hybrid and have the trucks, hangers and footholds all be attached fully functional. Please let me know.

  • Charlie Bruton says:

    Do you know of any great freebord hills in south east England?

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