Represent Tour Europe

The Represent Tour Europe started in 2008 with the simple idea of gathering freeborders from different cities together for a weekend of riding. Since then, the Represent Tour has become a summer highlight for many freeborders from Europe, going down hills with 60 other freeborders during a weekend is memorable, don’t miss the RT this year !

Pfingsten event – May 25-28th- Stuttgart (germany) – The legendary event for all german freeborders, hosted by Brian in his ranch. As usual : local hill shredding, garden park, beer, bbq and crazy party ! More info at forum

Old Skool Session -May 26-27th – Bourget du Lac (france) – To celebrate the Freebord’s 15th anniversary, CHoE / Freebord Pro is hosting a special session on the crazy hills around the Lake of Bourget. There will be prizes for the best old school costumes, be there or be square! + Info

Represent Paris -June 9/10 – The local riders of Paris throw down their event : Nightshred in the old Paris, and daytime shred in the hills surounding Paris. More info soon onthe french forum

Represent Lausanne -June 16-17th – Imagine a whole city on a big hill, freeborders everywhere, endless options for downhill, gaps and freestyle features, busses and metro to get back up, and a street without cars equiped kickers and rails for the event. Freebord Pro Shop switzerland invites you to participate a memorable session ! + Info

Represent Turino -June 24th – The first ever Represent Tour in Italy. Fugamoods invites the italian community, aswell as foreign riders, to meet and have fun for one day of ride.

Represent Bagneres de Luchon – June 30th-July 1st : Crazystance crew represents the pyrenees : Real mountains, real hills, fast riders. + Info

Represent Vosges- July 7th- 8th – After the alps and the pyrenees, local riders of Psykocrew hosts a ride in the third mountain area of France : the Vosges. Good hills, super friendly spirit, don’t miss the last represent event of the year. + Info

Check out the freebord europe history page for videos of the past tours !