Fresh CutsVideos
July 31, 2015

Mike Hoppe – Fresh Cut / Product Test

A week or so ago while we were wrapping up the filming for Rob Balot's Shred Rat section in San Francisco I got the chance to do a stress test on one of our new products. We had to make sure the Natural High pocket tee could survive the smooth…
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Fresh CutsPierre Linckenheld
July 20, 2015

Fresh Cut – Downhill Beer Delivery

At the Lausanne Slopestyle event this year our homie and pro-team rider Pierre Linckenheld decided to film a group fresh cut. As he descends the slopestyle course he manages to pass off multiple fresh poured cold beers to fellow shredders. The drinking age there is 16 so although some of these dudes…
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Fresh CutsVideos
July 17, 2015

Simon Le Meur’s 5 Minute Fresh Cut

Part of the thrill of being a Freeborder is the sense of paved downhill wanderlust. Searching far and wide for a hill that is smooth, safe, steep, fun. It looks like Simon Le Meur found a seemingly endless hill to shred in the back country of France. His homie Piluo…
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ContestsRider SubmittedVideos
July 14, 2015

Community Shred 2015 – Now Accepting Submissions!

  So you may remember the submission based video series we had called Community Shred in 2011. It was based out of the spirit of the original Community Represent series in which Freeborders from all over the globe would submit some un edited footage of themselves riding and hanging out in…
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June 23, 2015

Freebord light Competition Results

Awhile back we started a little mini competition to see who could make us laugh the most with a Freebord Light entry.  If you're not familiar with them check this out. Well we received quite a few entries, some of which were painfully hilarious and some that were just straight up…
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June 5, 2015

Freebord Light Video Competition

Wanna Win 2 Sets of DaBlues??? Here's Your Chance! A few years ago Freebord started a pretty funny series called Freebord Light. Basically, it featured a rider doing something impressive followed shortly by either the same or another rider failing hilariously.  Here are three from Stevie-B, but we want more.... Freebord Light Competition…
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Fresh CutsJordi PuigMediaVideos
November 28, 2014

Jordi Puig Slays This Run…

    Jordi Puig is one of those riders that doesn't need an entire video section to showcase his style. All he needs is a hill, his board and a minute of your time to drop jaws and demonstrate what a Freebord is capable of. Don't believe me, press play…
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October 8, 2014

Fly Me To FRA – Winner Announced

After going through all the insane entries, we have finally arrived at a winner. Congratulations to Marshall LaFlower, you'll be kicking it with us in San Francisco for FRAs.
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September 8, 2014

Fly me to FRAs

Official Rules We're going to fly one lucky SOB out to San Francisco for this year's awards show, here's how to win! Upload a video with your best 10 freestyle clips and send it to Don't worry about the quality of the video, we're simply looking for the sickest…
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