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July 2015

Fresh CutsVideos
July 31, 2015

Mike Hoppe – Fresh Cut / Product Test

A week or so ago while we were wrapping up the filming for Rob Balot's Shred Rat section in San Francisco I got the chance to do a stress test on one of our new products. We had to make sure the Natural High pocket tee could survive the smooth…
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New ProductsNews
July 30, 2015

Triple Product Drop Thursday

We got some new goods dropping today on the Freebord Store so get pumped! The first of the three new items is the No Problem patch. To my knowledge, this patch is a first for Freebord. We have made many products over the years, everything from coasters to women's underwear. Never…
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July 25, 2015

Teneriffic Part 5 – The Tourist Road

In episode five from the Teneriffic series, “The Tourist Road”, the guys find an EPIC ( and I don't use that word often) road on the Westward side of the island. I believe this to be the road I often see in my dreams but never imagined such wondrous lanes…
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July 24, 2015

Dethbox – Shred Rat

Dethbox just dropped Rob Balot's first solo edit. He is only fourteen years old but what he lacks in age he makes up for in enthusiasm. This footage is compiled over the past few months of riding with his brothers Austin and Aj Pachaud, the Freebord Spread the Shred Utah road…
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MediaPhotosThe Vault
July 23, 2015

Freebord #TBT Ninja Bob

Today's Throwback Thursday features Bob Glashan a few years back on an insanely hairy stairset in SF (while it may not look it, trust me it is!). Props to Bob for doing this one several times in order for me to get the shot!    
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July 21, 2015

NFR CREW – Spread The Shred Video

NFR crew hosted a Spread The Shred stop this year in their hometown of Paris. In this ride, they take on a more urban approach to French Freebording. It's a cool contrast to see an edit that is mostly riding skateparks and city streets. It gives perspective on how many different…
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Fresh CutsPierre Linckenheld
July 20, 2015

Fresh Cut – Downhill Beer Delivery

At the Lausanne Slopestyle event this year our homie and pro-team rider Pierre Linckenheld decided to film a group fresh cut. As he descends the slopestyle course he manages to pass off multiple fresh poured cold beers to fellow shredders. The drinking age there is 16 so although some of these dudes…
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Fresh CutsVideos
July 17, 2015

Simon Le Meur’s 5 Minute Fresh Cut

Part of the thrill of being a Freeborder is the sense of paved downhill wanderlust. Searching far and wide for a hill that is smooth, safe, steep, fun. It looks like Simon Le Meur found a seemingly endless hill to shred in the back country of France. His homie Piluo…
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RandomThe Vault
July 16, 2015

Throwback Thursday – Team Trip

Well, it is Thursday again. A day to reminisce in a throwback fashion about days in the past. This throwback is to last year's "choose your own adventure" team trip. A run and gun tour searching for hills thrills. I collected a group of photos that captured the awesome vibes…
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July 16, 2015

Final 2015 Freebord Spread the Shred Ride In San Francisco|| Saturday July 18th

The last 2015 Spread the Shred ride is going down this Saturday at Freebord . We'll hit some classics and maybe something a little different, then head back to the factory to shred a few ramps and grill a few burgers. When: Saturday, 12 Noon – 8pm Where: Freebord Mfg. 455 Irwin St. Unit…
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