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September 2014

September 23, 2014

Freebord Air Bag

The bouncy castle at your quinceanera ain't got shit on this. That's right, this year at FRA's we threw down the skrilla for our own air bag. You'll be able to huck yourself stupid into 5+ feet of cushy air bag goodness. Here's a few photos of us at work today, and…
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David SchiotisMediaTeamVideos
September 19, 2014

David Schiotis “Sweet Summer”

David Schiotis A.K.A "Vid" hit me up the other day with a sick little video showcasing his summer of Freebording. Here's what he had to say: "My fellow Freeborders this has been a true freebord summer, and I couldn’t be more stoked on it! From the team trip in June…
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September 18, 2014

Bently Anderson – California St. 2014

Here's some photos I shot of Bently Anderson while we filmed GoPro clips down California Street. Tourists on the trolley cars were freaking out and taking pictures as we came barreling down the hill, crossing the tracks, and weaving through traffic on our way to the bottom. Stay tuned for…
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Tips and Tricks
September 12, 2014

Freebord Etiquette – Don’t Blow the Spot

Unlike ski runs, public streets weren't originally designed for shredding.  This can make finding suitable freebording terrain challenging.  Unusually steep, long, winding roads are rare in most areas.  Add in our need for low traffic and smooth pavement and these gems can be few and far between.  So when you do find that epic spot,…
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September 9, 2014

Mike Hoppe – Lombard St. 2014

Here's a couple photos I shot of our dude Mike Hoppe doing his thing down San Francisco's Lombard St. He has ridden this hill so many times that I swear he could make his way down with his eyes close and hands tied behind his back. The guy on the Segway…
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September 8, 2014

Fly me to FRAs

Official Rules We're going to fly one lucky SOB out to San Francisco for this year's awards show, here's how to win! Upload a video with your best 10 freestyle clips and send it to Don't worry about the quality of the video, we're simply looking for the sickest…
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Rider Submitted
September 4, 2014

New Teaser by NFR Crew

The dudes in this video definitely brokered a deal with Lucifer for this amazing trip!  Jokes aside, this video has tons of sick riding and amazing hills, and we are eagerly anticipating its full release - yet to be determined.   If you guys are feeling this video, let them know…
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Fresh Cuts
September 2, 2014

Fresh Cuts September Winners

It was down to the wire but congratulations to Charly Graulich & Alex Mauz, you guys have the Freshest Cut. Both of you will receive a set of Freebord DaBlues and a hat, keep shredding!
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