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2012 Rider Awards Winners

Presenting your 2012 Rider Awards Winners. Congrats, guys!

Rookie of the Year: David Bickett – USA

Standout of the Year: Jordi Puig – Spain

Rider of the Year: Ben Berger – France

Best Submitted Video:
1st place – Steve Griggs “Red Hot” — USA
2nd Place – Jeffery Monnier “In Deep” — France
3rd Place – Seb Jam “Sweetzerland”— Switzerland

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  • HB4

    BSV such sick videos big ups to Griggs, Monnier, and Jam.

  • Geoffrey Monnier

    Thanks guys ! It’s a real pleasure !
    I hope to make better next year.
    And could you replace “Jeffery” by “Geoffrey ?
    Cheers from France !