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From the Vault: Snowboard the Streets

Old promo video from 2003:

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  • tylerMURG [tyler murgo]

    so sick. best freestyle ive seen.

  • bently

    oldschool. is raw

  • Justchilln

    Dope….. Mitch Rips hard, Hoppe has wicked hair……

  • SenorPayne


  • Daniel


  • Arthur

    After watching this I feel like freebording hasn’t progressed at all! These guys were king. Stuff I thought was new and crazy has already been done like a middle aged hooker.

  • banzaiMunk

    haha, nah, things have definitely progressed sooo much since then Arthur

  • banzaiMunk

    fucking sick nonetheless

  • soggey

    haha that clip where they threw balls at that guy doing the stairs made me lawl

  • Monterevolt

    awesome video. Ive never seen any of that footage. You should release more from the vault especially if its this good.

  • Mammothrider

    Damn, how Freebord videos have changed…

    Along with the editing style. Needless to say, the riding was FREAKIN SICK!

  • Downhill and Freestyle are equally as fun

    Arthur: You probably feel like freebording hasnt progressed because you are amoung the crowd that believes freebording should only be for downhill riding. Obviously there isnt much shit to do going downhill other than location and type of hill. You cant progress with freebording if only a few people have a new idea and then everyone else just is so closed minded that the idea doesnt spread through everyone.